About us & Himalayan Salt

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About us

We are a UK based Himalayan Salt Wholesale and Retailer supplying companies all over the world with the Himalayas finest Food grade salt, Butchers salt walls for dry aging meat, salt walls for interior design, Therapy, Home & Spa, Salt lamps, salt for the bath and much more.

We aim to be the best also making sure our lovely customers are happy with every Saltan product purchase

About Himalayan Salt

  • Deposited from prehistoric waters hundreds of millions of years ago from unpolluted seas.

  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is one of the oldest and most pristine salts in the world.

  • An array of minerals including iron and potassium gives Himalayan salt its distinct pink hue.

  • Used in top restaurants around the world for its superior flavour to regular sea salt.

  • Mined from the foothills of the Himalayas from the Punjab region of Pakistan.

  • Versatile, good all-round salt able to enhance the quality of almost every use imaginable.

  • Balances pH levels and helps to reduce acid reflux / heartburn.