Saltan Himalayan Salt Inhaler (Salt included). Salt therapy on the go!

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Himalayan Salt Inhaler (Salt included)

If you are having breathing difficulties, why not try a Himalayan salt inhaler to open up the airways. The easiest way to provide salt therapy to the respiratory system, when used regularly. Inhale deeply from the pipe for 10-15 minutes per day or otherwise occasionally if just feeling blocked up and congested.
The Himalayan Salt inhaler pipe is the modern way to experience salt therapy at home and has no known side effects. Filled with granules of salt which lasts for approximately 1 year, after which the salt can be replaced.
Known to alleviate the symptoms of:

Hay fever
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Sinus issues
Other chronic respiratory disorders.

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For more information visit our online store for more detail about Salt Inhalers and all other products we have on offer.

Contact us at / / 02380 572526 / 02380 480165.

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