Looking to jazz up your venue? Why not add illuminated Himalayan interior Salt bricks.

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Interior Design

Salt walls are increasingly becoming a design choice in high-end establishments as interior designers opt for solutions that combine aesthetics with wellbeing. Walls of pink-red Himalayan salt bricks create a dramatic feature whether you are looking to establish a relaxing seating area in a restaurant or are opting for a different look for panelling, counters or bar fronts.

Our purpose-designed frames hold the wall in place and lighting can also be fixed to create a visually stunning effect. When illuminated, the pink and red tones of the Himalayan salt bricks generate a warming, ambient glow. The end result is a unique, captivating work of art, created with pure, natural elements.

You can see the effect at High Mood Food, one of our customers in Duke Street, London. The bar front in this health food café has been panelled with an amazing back-lit salt wall piece. It has created an attractive feature and a centre of interest within the venue’s design.

All we would need from you is the measurements of the room/s you wish to convert and we will take it from there.

spa room salt wall

For more information about our Interior Salt Walls please follow this link https://www.saltan.co.uk/saltwalls we also supply Salt walls for Spa, Salt Therapy, Saunas and butchers.

If you would like a quote or even if you would just like some more details regarding our Salt Walls contact us on info@saltan.co.uk or call us on 02380 572526 / 02380 480165


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