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The processed salt we are all used to is very hard to absorb, which results in dehydration as the body tries to expel it. This dehydration is the cause of the bad reputation that salt has.

– Deposited hundreds of millions of years ago (250-800 million), so free of pollutants.

– It is unprocessed with no additives, the sodium chloride crystals are in the most easily absorbable form.

– It has up to 84 essential trace minerals (there are around 126 different nutrients that the body requires each day). The exact composition of the mineral content varies from crystal to crystal, so we say “up to 84”.

– It is the perfect all round mineral supplement, here are a few of the minerals it contains:

Sodium                                   Iron                                        Selenium

Magnesium                           Potassium                            Iodine

Sulphur                                  Zinc                                       Phosphorus

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