The Benefits of Interior Himalayan Salt Walls

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spa room salt wall

The modern age puts many stresses and strains on people which our ancestors never had. The health-boosting effects of Himalayan salt can help replenish vitality, especially when used for building interior walls. Containing around 84 trace minerals and pure unpolluted salt, our bricks are made from the finest Himalayan salt, hewn from ancient rock crystal formations.

Using salt bricks to build interior walls creates an awe-inspiring decor, and creates a healthy rejuvenating environment for:

– Nurseries

– Schools

Yoga rooms & Gyms

– Spas

– Pools

– Office

– Restaurants & Bars

– Your own room

The mineral profile of the salt is released into the air in the form of negative ions, which are shown to be beneficial to life. The climate enhancing effects of a salt walls can have a significant effect on a variety of respiratory problems such as Asthma and allergies, also known to help maintain emotional well-being. Creates an optimal environment for physical training and meditation.

Himalayan Salt Walls

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