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Pink Himalayan salt lamps are hewn from solid blocks rock salt. A 15W bulb is placed inside, and its light filters through the natural, unique pattern of colours in the crystal structure. This produces a beautiful ambient glow, which is uplifting and relaxing.

These lamps are not just for show, however. As a result of modern day life, our environment is teeming with harmful positively charged ions, especially in enclosed environments. The causes for this are many ranging from pollutants to electrical equipment, WiFi and mobile phones. The solution is one of these lamps; the light bulb inside provides heat, as well as light, to the block of Himalayan salt. Salt naturally absorbs water from the atmosphere, when heated, this water escapes bringing some of the salt and minerals with it.This process produces many negative ions which neutralize the harmful positive ions.

The improved air quality makes these lamps highly effective at relieving allergies, and respiratory ailments, improving sleeplessness. Whilst using the lamp, you will also be inhaling its minerals, allowing all the health benefits of Pink Himalayan salt to be transferred to you, without doing anything!The lamp also serves as a great meditation aid, or a night light for children.

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